How do I delete a list?

There are two options:

  1. Delete entire list
  2. Delte items only

Delete Entire List

Deleting the list will remove all items and the list itself.

  1. If the list is used by multiple people (see Sharing a List), the link to the shared list will be broken but the shared list will still be available for the other members.
  2. Once a list is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.

To delete a list, tap the (…) button

Select the Delete List option:

Press Delete List to confirm:

Delete a selection of items

Tap the (…) button

Select the Select option:

Select the items to delete:

  • Tap each item individually
  • Or, press Select All to select everything
  • Or press Select Marked to select crossed-off items only

When you are happy with the selection, press the Delete icon

Press Delete x Items to confirm: