I can’t accept a sharing invite

To share a list, send an invite to another iPhone or iPad.

If the other device cannot open the invite, please check:

  1. The device has a signed-in iCloud account.
  2. The name on the invite matches the name of the signed-in iCloud account.

My items are not synchronising

Shared lists usually synchronise automatically within a few seconds.

But, if there is an interruption in the network, synchronisation may be delayed.

If your shared list is not synchronising as expected, please try each of these steps in turn:

  1. Check Airplane Mode is not enabled and the network is available.
  2. Try to force synchronisation.
  3. Check the Activity Log for errors or delayed items.
  4. Re-fetch all shared lists from iCloud.
  5. Finally, please report the problem, and include the diagnostic log when prompted. Please send the diagnostic log from each device.

I see an error message

An error message may appear as an alert or an entry in the Activity Log.

“Quota Exceeded”

This message means your iCloud storage is full.

Shopping UK stores shared list data in the iCloud account of the person that initially shared the list.

Review your quota in the Settings app. Go to Settings > {your name} > iCloud.

You can free up storage by deleting unwanted data or increasing your iCloud quota. Shopping UK only requires a small amount of storage. Another app, such as Photos, may be consuming most of your storage.

Please see Apple’s documentation for more details.